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Turn-Key Business That’s Making A Global Impact!

Welcome to the FLEEPS Franchise Opportunity!

a change is somthing you make

FLEEPS is a fashion forward, eco- friendly, thriving women’s sandal brand that offers an incredible opportunity to take advantage of the multi-billion dollar footwear industry.

Recent research confirms that FLEEPS is on the cutting edge of multiple trends in the women’s sandal market, known for insane comfort, a unique, modern design and eco-conscious materials and production practices.

But it gets even better.

We make a profound impact, contributing 10% of sales to giving partners around the world supporting girls education.

So, not only will you be sought after for our coveted sandals, but you’ll also attract amazing people interested in purchasing for a great cause.

The FLEEPS Franchise Opportunity is an exceptional way to get in on the ground floor of an emerging fashion brand leading the way in an explosive industry.

You’ll experience the freedom, financial rewards and adventure that come from owning your own business.

And you’ll also be changing people’s lives.

Our franchise model is designed to give you the competence and confidence necessary to realize success in operating and owning your own POP Up Retail Store.

As a FLEEPS Franchisee, you will enjoy
many exclusive benefits:
  • Low overhead and increased profit
  • Attractive, mobile, simple, Pop Up Store model that allows you to take advantage of multiple, premium retail locations
  • Assistance with store build out and merchandising
  • Site selection and protection
  • Guidance on inventory replenishment and management
  • Initial and ongoing training programs
  • Access to proven marketing strategies and materials for grand opening and
    ongoing operations
In addition, you’ll have our full attention. We’re a friendly, talented group of
professionals committed to your success at all times.

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If you’re entrepreneurial, innovative, stylish, dedicated, hardworking, a creative problem solver and desire an abundant lifestyle, we’d love to hear from you.

To learn more about the FLEEPS Franchise Opportunity and to see if you qualify, please fill out the contact form below.

For additional information, see our Frequently Asked Questions section below.

You’re also welcome to contact us at info@fleeps.com


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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1.  How much is the initial franchise fee for a FLEEPS Pop Up Store?
The Franchise Fee is $25,000.
2.  How long does it take for an application to be pre-approved?
Once we have received a completed application, the application process usually takes 3 business days.
3.  How much does it cost to open a FLEEPS Pop Up Store?
The investment range is $37,250 - $62,900 including the franchise fee.
4.  What is the recommended location size?
50 to 200 square feet.
5.  How do I find a location?
It’s the franchisee’s responsibility to locate a suitable location. However, we will assist you with best practices in site selection and can also arrange for you to work with one of our approved real estate brokers in your area.
6.  Do we have to buy all of our supplies from you?
Supplies are purchased from approved vendors only. Approval on new items requested shall not unreasonably be withheld. We encourage our franchisees to pioneer new and exciting products upon our review.
7.  How long does it take to open a FLEEPS Pop Up Store?
Once a lease or rental agreement is signed and Initial Training has been successfully completed, you can be up and running within 6 to 8 weeks.
8.  Do you provide training?
Yes, we provide initial training and ongoing training and support as needed.
9.  Does FLEEPS provide financing?
FLEEPS does not provide direct financing. However, FLEEPS works with numerous 3rd party lending and financial organizations that may be able to assist you in securing financing for your franchise based on your credit.